Mixer-pasto-carbo is an hybrid machine that
allows the mixing of two or more components, the pasteurization of the mixed beverage and the dosing of CO2 to obtain the final product.

It is widely used in applications where it is needed to produce different types of product. The advantage consists in executing all the operations in line, and to manage them separately with the same machine.

The user can make the machine work in the following configurations (and many more):

  • Premix to produce Carbonated Soft Drinks,
  • Mixer-Pasto to produce Tea,
  • Deaerator-Carbonator to produce mineral water,
  • Pasteurizer to produce juices or nectars,
  • High Gravity for beer and/or juice.

The Mixer-pasto-carbo are built on skid, with a compact configuration, and are all equipped with PLC for working recipes selection.

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