D.E. pressure PED tested filter for fruit juices & nectars, soft drinks, syrups and infusions – Victoria


The filtration chamber is designed and manufactured according to European Directive PED to filter beer in presence of CO2 and inject compressed gases into the filter during the processing phases. The filtering discs, from an original Padovan design, are flat and crushproof; they make it possible a high drainage flow in the filtration phase and during the pre-panel formation and a complete and accurate cleaning in the washing phase, even below the filtration cloth.

The filtering elements are made up of a sheet in AISI 304 stainless steel provided with a series of projections obtained thanks to a drawing process on which the filtration cloth in AISI 316L lays with 65 micron meshes. The qualifying feature is the lacking of a drainage grid which is a potential source of pollution for the product. The available models have surfaces from 5 to 80 square meters.


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