Let’s be clear!

The supply of refined sugar is not always possible worldwide and, in some countries, the only sugar available is the raw one. In these cases, to obtain a brilliant sugar syrup that does not alter the final color of the beverage, it is necessary to perform a clarification treatment with activated carbon.

Blendtech is able to supply complete systems of discontinuous or continuous type, consisting of a first phase of coal dosing and reaction plus a second filtration phase.

In discontinuous treatments, suitable for smaller productions, the activated carbon is dosed directly together with sugar inside the dissolver; subsequently, the product is filtered through our Victoria flood filter, from which it comes out ready for the next production stages.

For high capacities, it is necessary to use a continuous system: the activated carbon is dosed in-line and the syrup-carbon mixture is sent to a reaction tank, where it remains for the time necessary to carry out the discoloration process. Two Victoria filters, one in operation and one in the washing phase, ensure the continuity of the process and the complete removal of the activated carbon from the syrup.

Thanks to its decades of experience in the field, Blendtech is the ideal partner for your clarification system and can create tailor-made solutions for capacities up to 50 m3/h and with different levels of automation. Be Smart, be Blendtech!