Smashing record!

A great challenge is followed by a great result!

Thanks to our previous experiences, we have been chosen once again by a North American customer for the realization of one of the biggest fully automatic tunnel pasteurizers ever built, capable of processing more then 100.000 cans per hour. In order to be able to handle such a huge capacity, the tunnel is characterized by more or less 320 m2 surface, with a double deck configuration: in this way, the final tunnel dimensions are halved allowing its installation in a smaller area.

But what is a pasteurizing tunnel?

A tunnel pasteurizer is a machine which allows to pasteurize a product already bottled: the container, that can be can or bottle, flows inside the tunnel thanks to conveyor belts and is subjected to a thermal profile that brings it to the desired pasteurization temperature.

At this point, the container is kept at this temperature for the required time to inactivate the microbial load present in the product and in the container itself, followed by a cooling phase.

TMCI Padovan has decades of experience in tunnel pasteurizers, which makes us the best choice for the creation of unique and customized solutions!