Water, bubbles, alcohol and fruit aromas: what are we talking about? Hard Seltzer!

After conquering the American market, Hard Seltzer is becoming more popular in Europe too. This sparkling beverage, characterized by an alcohol content around 5% vol. is just a mix of few ingredients, such as water and fruit juice, often gluten-free and with a low-calorie intake that usually does not exceed 100 calories.

The continuous development of new technologies and the will to face new challenges helped Blendtech to firmly establish itself in the Hard Selzer market, especially in the American one. Our on-field made experience allowed us further improving our equipment, assuring a precise and accurate mixing and dosage of the components, which guarantees a balanced and stable in time taste to the product; our carbonation systems allow a thin and homogeneous gas dosage, which gives the product an extra edge.

Recently we developed a Premix (deaeration – mixing – carbonation unit) tailor-made for a client in which we added also the stream for alcohol and aromas dosage, in addition to the water and fruit concentrate ones.

Thanks to the know-how gained over the past years, Blendtech is able to provide complete customized lines suitable for every need for the production of your Hard Seltzer, as well as stand-alone equipment.